As you will have read, we are building quite a reputation for our new services in the short time that we have been offering them. But are you promoting them as much as you should?

Yes? – Wonderful, keep up the good job.

No? – Shame on you. Get out there and start talking about us or we will be forced to visit you when it gets dark and place foxes up your nightie*.

Neither of us want that, so get out there and talk about us! Use this as a useful guide :

Phone Provisioning. Frustrated that your current provisioning partner can only apply your network settings? Talk to us about our unique customisation service. We can tailor your Polycom VVX and Trio devices with individual sign on credentials, modify phone configuration – even customise the interface with your company logo. Make your phone your own with this unique service from Impromp2u



*No actual foxes will be harmed.