Wherever we sell a Polycom VaaS-T license we should be trying to sell training with it.


Well firstly we are giving away a lot of free training at the moment; I don’t like the word ‘free’…

More important reasons are:

  • Dealer/End user learn how to manage their own tenancy, they become self sufficient/independent
  • The training will lead to a quicker up take of the service leading to quicker ROI, less collecting dust
  • Dealers will have a better relationship with their customers

Please note for end user training this will be booked through their dealer, they will always be kept in the loop, and we are not talking directly to their customers.




*Dealer Pricing, We suggest a 20% uplift on the above pricing

**ScanSource discount, 15% off the above pricing

User Training includes:

  • Logging in to your new service for the first time
  • Explanation of the VaaS-T layout
  • Creating invites for your room and outlook plugin
  • Managing your virtual meeting room and features
  • Understanding and using the different connectivity options (browser, SfB etc)
  • Making your first call
  • Documentation supplied at end of training

Admin Training includes the above and…

  • Managing your new hosted service, creating/deleting user accounts
  • Difference between named account eg.John Smith and Team accounts eg Meeting room 27
  • Realpresence Desktop and Mobile
  • Usage statistics
  • Endpoint Registration

If you have any questions, please speak to me or drop me a mail.



Stuart Beggs